Beatrix Potter


  • Part 1: The Story to Now
    Beatrix Potter was born to wealth and privilege in 1866, the only daughter of a Nonconformist family from the north who renounced their roots in trade for a place in London society. Number 2 Bolton Gardens, Potters' home in South Kensington, was managed according to the regimens of Victorian propriety. [more...]
  • Part 2: “The Rest of the Story.”...
    Helen Beatrix Potter, a 39-year-old spinster from London became the unlikely owner of Hill Top, a seventeenth-century farm on the edge of Near Sawrey in Lancashire, in the autumn of 1905. With a small legacy from an aunt and the royalties from her little books, she had bravely purchased the thirty-four-acre working farm. [more...]
  • Part 3: Beatrix Potter was not the daughter her Victorian mother expected...
    Reticent rather than shy, she was a sharp observer of society but a reluctant participant in it. She commented wryly on people in a journal written in a secret code, and listened intently to conversation, picking up dialect and delighting in the sound of words, like "lippity, lippity" and "soporific." [more...]

From the back cover of the UK Book Jacket

PHOTO: Beatrix with Benjamin Bunny